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Combining the 4.5K large format sensor of the Alexa LF with the lightweight and versatile form factor of the Alexa Mini, the Mini LF is ARRI’s newest foray into the exciting field of large format film making. Aside from a new media bay located on the left side of the camera, the Mini LF has the same dimensions and mounting options as the Mini crews have worked without countless times. That new media bay is put to good use with the all new Codex Compact 1TB Drive, designed specifically for the Mini LF. The Codex Compact Drive allows for recording in both ProRes and ARRIRAW with no need for formatting or card switching at write speeds up to 8Gb/s. The Mini LF also features a brand new OLED MVF-2 viewfinder. The MVF-2 has a better and brighter display, larger 4” flip-out display, and an improved single pin cable for ease of use. Finally, just like the LF, the Mini LF features an LPL mount along with a PL adapter so that any cinema lens can be used.

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