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Alexa 35 - Introducing the ARRI Alexa 35 and its dynamic range. Picture this: you're filming a scene with the Alexa 35, and suddenly, it's like the camera has its own personal weatherman, predicting and adjusting for every lighting change with ninja-like precision. From the brightest sunbeams to the darkest shadows, the Alexa 35's dynamic range has you covered like a well-tailored umbrella. The Alexa 35's dynamic range is so wide, it's like trying to fit an elephant through a cat door. It's like the camera is playing a game of limbo, bending over backward to capture all the details without breaking a sweat. So whether you're shooting a high-contrast action scene or a moody noir thriller, the ARRI Alexa 35's dynamic range is your secret weapon – and the punchline to all your lighting jokes.

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