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20.7mm 27mm 37mm 47mm 57mm 77mm 107mm


Tribe 7 Blackwings - “Purpose-designed for large format motion picture imaging,  BLACKWING7 lenses from TRIBE7 represent an entirely new range of tuned optics for contemporary film makers to use within their creative story telling.
BLACKWING7 optics exhibit unique imaging properties which arise from the introduction of controlled distortion during the development and manufacturing processes. This distortion is modular and allows a level of tuneability over key parameters which shape many creative characteristics of the lenses.”


“Many of the design cues for BLACKWING7 primes originate in optics manufactured during the 1930 - 1960s, but the real inspiration behind the lenses lies in the evolutionary nature of experimental music and audio synthesis, and the process of creating distortion through sound amplification.”


Blackwing TRibe 7 lens rental
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