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Our new Canon “Dream” set is available for rent (full-frame). These are Canon LTM rangefinders rehoused in Type SK housings. They deliver a completely different look than k35’s or FD’s. These high-speed lenses stand out with their unique, expressive, beautiful Bokeh making backgrounds look like Monet oil paintings. They are sharp wide open with smooth focus fall off, golden flares, very close focus, low chromatic aberration & pleasing smooth skin tones. There is a consistent look across all lenses in the set.

Notable focal lengths in this seven lens set include a 50mm f0.95 “Dream Lens”, which is part of the Canon LTM rangefinder series, matching the rest of the set. Also noteworthy is the incredible and rare 35mm f1.5, 85mm f1.5, & custom 25mm f1.5. We also include a 50mm f1.4.
Lenses are beautifully rehoused in PL mount.



25mm – 35mm – 50mm – 60mm – 85mm -100mm

+ 50mm f0.95 ‘DREAM LENS’

Also available is a Matching REHOUSED Canon 20mm 1.9 Rangefinder and Canon 14mm 

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