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The Phantom FLEX 2.5K (32GB) is a real powerhouse that boasts a 2.5K global shutter sensor capable of shooting at 1650 FPS at 2.5K, 2500 FPS at 2K, 2570 FPS at 1080 and 5300 FPS at HD! With 12-bit RAW and with a native ISO of 1600. The Phantom FLEX 2.5K comes equipped with an OLPF for optimal image quality, this filter blocks high frequency image information and reduces the effects of moiré and false color caused by high frequency waves in imagery.

Another unique feature to the FLEX 2.5K is the ‘Phantom HQ Mode’. Phantom HQ Mode uses a proprietary multi-sampling image enhancement technology. This results in an increase in electronic image stability that is unprecedented in digital high-speed cameras, also more stable blacks, lower noise and higher dynamic range. Maximum frame rates in HQ mode are approximately half of those in Standard mode (HQ 725 FPS at 2.5K, HQ 1275 FPS at 2K, HQ 2660 at HD, so still more than enough FPS!).

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