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The Sony Venice 2 8k builds upon the impressive platform that Sony brought to full frame filmmaking with the original Venice. The camera was created to keep up with the demands of high-end cinematography, with interchangeable sensor blocks that provide incredible sensitivity, latitude, and color rendition. Venice 2 was made with a durable and compact build to allow for fast setup for both handheld or mounted shooting.

The camera provides support for anamorphic lenses, and when combined with the ability to capture 4:3 and 6:5 aspect ratio at high horizontal resolutions, can give users stunning lens flare and bokeh. The 8K sensor can shoot 5.8K with an aspect ratio of 6.5 and it can reach up to 60fps at 8.2K.

VENICE 2 can exceed the BT.2020 color space, with a color range wider than DCI-P3. This means that it can capture and recreate the true color of what’s in front of the lens. The 8K sensor allows for nearly perfect color matching, which makes grading even better.

The 8K sensor includes 16 stops of latitude, and the 6K sensor offers 15+ stops. Both of them can create exceptional images with very little noise, no matter the light that’s available. It also excels at High Dynamic Range imaging, which gives unparalleled creative freedom in grading.

The VENICE 2 is backwards compatible with the original 6K Rialto extension system. However there are plans for an 8K extension to be released in 2023

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