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Rent Ancient Optics Lomography Petzvalux Lenses

The Lomography Petzvalux by Ancient Optics is a distinctive lens set that pays homage to the historic Petzval lens design, known for its unique optical characteristics and vintage aesthetic. This set is a modern reinterpretation of Joseph Petzval's 19th-century invention, catering to contemporary photographers who appreciate the charm and idiosyncrasies of analog photography.


Unlock the timeless allure of photography with the Lomography Petzvalux lens set, a modern tribute to the iconic Petzval design. Elevate your creativity and capture stunning images with the distinct swirly bokeh and razor-sharp central focus that define the Petzval aesthetic. Our meticulously crafted lens set offers versatility for both digital and film cameras, seamlessly blending classic charm with contemporary convenience. From captivating portraits to mesmerizing landscapes, the Lomography Petzvalux lenses empower cinematographers to infuse their work with a touch of vintage allure.


Rent these precision optics now and experience the magic of the past, perfectly tailored for the present. Unleash your artistic vision and secure your spot at the forefront of photography with our exclusive Lomography Petzvalux lens set – where history meets innovation, and every shot tells a unique story."

Five focal lengths making the first ever complete set..27, 38, 55, 80, 120. All lenses were designed to work with Full Frame sensors, but they also produce amazing character-rich results with S35 sensors. This new set, with its signature swirling bokeh, incorporates a unique tuning ring called "Bokeh Control" originally developed by Lomography. Dial in your own look on set with strength adjustments measured from 1 to 7. Cinematographers have never had more control of their image with repeatable, consistent, real time adjustments to bokeh spherical aberration, and sharpness.

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