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Rent Ancient Optics Lomography Petzvalux Lenses

Petzvalux, Ancient Optics - “This new set, with its signature swirling bokeh, incorporates a unique tuning ring called ‘Bokeh Control’ originally developed by Lomography. Dial in your own look on set with strength adjustments measured from 1 to 7. Cinematographers have never had more control of their image with repeatable, consistent, real time adjustments to bokeh spherical aberration, and sharpness.”
- Ancient optics
Make your project stand out like no other with this rare, unique, striking, beautiful, and SWIRLY set! A set like no other. You have the ability to “tune” this lens on the fly. This set adds onto the classic Petzval 58mm & 80mm lenses and introduces three more custom focal lengths, making it a full 5 lens set.

Screen Shot 2024-03-04 at 11.09.27 AM.png
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