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Phantom Camera Rentals Miami, FL

Rent a full Phantom Flex Packages

Phantom Camera Rental – Phantom Flex and Flex4K – Miami, Florida

Our Phantom Flex Camera Rentals offer an unprecedented degree of flexibility and portability in all areas of high-speed image capture and go beyond HD to support 2.5K to 4K images. Our packages can be shoulder mounted, are battery operated, and offer exceptional operator and tech services. These are a far step from the previous GOLD versions. This is the package you want to shoot Hi-Speed on.

Our Phantom Flex Camera Rentals come in both options, the Phantom Flex, and Phantom Flex4K Camera packages. We offer the best support and Phantom Tech Services in the area.

FASTEST DOWNLOADS – We pride ourselves on having the fastest Cinestation – Apple Thunderbolt Transfer system available. What will take other companies 3-4 hours to download takes us 1 hour. Essential when dealing with high-end productions.

TECH SERVICES – Our packages come with a Certified Phantom Tech by Vision Research. We have worked on various national level commercials as well as top-tier TV Programming. – Our Certified Tech’s come with a full Phantom Tech Kit. A full DIT cart, the “new” Apple Mac Pro computer with full versions of all Phantom Software.

Rent a Phantom Camera package now, based in Miami, Florida but will travel anywhere.

Ask about any Add-Ons Available:
– Lenses
– Monitoring
– Support


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